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Scrcpy Cheat Sheet

Keep Android awake when screen off, like scrcpy

scrcpy --stay-awake --turn-screen-off >& /dev/null & exit

Extreme quality with a more stable Video Codec

scrcpy --turn-screen-off --disable-screensaver --show-touches --stay-awake --video-codec=h264 --video-bit-rate=16M --audio-bit-rate=256K --max-fps=144

High Quality

scrcpy --turn-screen-off --disable-screensaver --show-touches --stay-awake --video-codec=h265 --video-bit-rate=16M --audio-bit-rate=128K --max-fps=60

High quality with a more stable Video Codec

scrcpy --turn-screen-off --disable-screensaver --show-touches --stay-awake --video-codec=h264 --video-bit-rate=16M --audio-bit-rate=128K --max-fps=60

Performance Optimized

Lower Bitrate for Improved Performance

scrcpy --max-size=1024 --video-bit-rate=2M --max-fps=30

This command is optimized for performance, offering a good balance between quality and smoothness. The --max-size=1024 sets the maximum height or width of the video, --video-bit-rate=2M sets the video bitrate to 2 Mbps, and --max-fps=30 caps the frame rate at 30 frames per second.

Reduced Quality for Lower Bandwidth

scrcpy --max-size=800 --video-bit-rate=1M --max-fps=15

Feature Focused

For Gaming: High FPS and Show Touches

scrcpy --max-fps=90 --show-touches

Custom Configurations

Recording the Screen with High Quality

scrcpy --record file.mp4 --video-bit-rate=12M

Windowed Mode with Specific Size

scrcpy --window-title 'My Device' --window-width 800 --window-height 600