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Huawei MediaTab T5 FRP Bypass (Version 8.0.0) Tutorial

This tutorial provides a unique method to bypass FRP protection on Huawei devices running version 8.0.0. Unlike other tutorials available online that are designed for version 7*, this method does not rely on the speaker settings and the "help" button, as they have been removed in version 8.0.0. Follow this tutorial carefully to unlock your device completely and gain full control over it.

### Why we must unlock it twice?

If you wont "unlock" the device with the workaround i provide below you will get "unlock device before you can move further" for every setting you trying press on so without the above step being done you cant bypass the device.

  • You must follow this guide from begin to end else it wont succeed, STEP by STEP otherwise you must start-over again (yeh, been there)!!

  • You must follow this guide from begin to end else it wont work!!! Don't jump over a single step.


How-to Guide

Follow the steps below to bypass FRP lock on your Huawei MediaTab T5:

  1. Turn off your MediaTab and keep it offline for 5 seconds.
  2. To ensure you are on the latest firmware, simultaneously press the power button and volume up button to enter eRecovery mode.
  3. In eRecovery mode, select the top option "Download latest version and recovery" (this process may take 2 to 20 minutes to complete).
  4. Next, choose "Download and recovery."
  5. After the download is finished, select "Wipe cache" and confirm by pressing "Yes."
  6. Proceed to "Wipe data and factory reset" and confirm by pressing "Yes."
  7. Your device will now undergo a full format, which may take approximately 3 to 5 minutes. Once completed, you will reach the welcome screen.

Once the first step is done:

  1. Choose your preferred language and press the "Next" button.
  2. Skip the step to insert a SIM card by selecting "Skip."
  3. Continue by pressing "Next" on the terms and conditions page.
  4. Agree to the popup window.
  5. Press "Next" on the service declaration page.
  6. Select "Later" for the user experience improvements project.
  7. Choose "Update manually" to keep your software up to date.
  8. Agree to all the permissions regarding the service.


  1. You are now on the Wi-Fi page. Choose your Wi-Fi network.
  2. Enter the password and tap on "Show advanced options."
  3. Select "Proxy" and choose "Manual."
  4. Enter the following details for the proxy settings:
    • Proxy Hostname: wusemanistheboss
    • Proxy Port: 1337
  5. Press "Connect."
  6. If you entered the correct Wi-Fi passphrase, you will see that you are connected.
  7. Press the "Next" button.
  8. The device will now check for updates, which may take some time.
  9. You will now reach the "Verifying your account" (FRP LOCK) page.

Now for the hack:

  1. When you are on the "Verifying your account" page, press the back arrow button.
  2. By pressing the back button, you will progress to the next level.
  3. You will now see "Google Services." Tap on "More" and then "Accept."
  4. You will now be on the "Welcome to your AGS2-L09" page.
  5. Choose "Set up as new."
  6. You can either log in with your Huawei ID or press "Later" to skip this step.
  7. You will now see the "Data transfer" page. Skip this step and press "OK" on the "Setup a new device" popup.
  8. On the cloud page, select "Skip," and skip the popup as well.
  9. Set your PIN code or enable face unlock if desired. You can also choose to skip this step.
  10. You will now see the EMUI logo and be redirected to the welcome screen again.

Congratulations! You have successfully bypassed FRP lock on your Huawei MediaTab T5 device running version 8.0.0.

Please note that these steps are provided for informational purposes only, and it is essential to proceed with caution.

Now that we have unlocked all features, we can access the settings that required the device to be unlocked earlier.

  1. At the login screen, choose your language again and press "Next."
  2. Skip the step to insert a SIM card by selecting "Skip."
  3. Continue by pressing "Next" on the terms and conditions page.
  4. Agree to the popup window.
  5. Press "Next" on the service declaration page.
  6. Select "Later" for the user experience improvements project.
  7. Choose "Update manually" to keep your software up to date.
  8. Agree to all the permissions regarding the service.
  9. You should already be connected to your Wi-Fi network, so press "Next" on the Wi-Fi page. Be quick now, as once you press "Next," you need to follow the next steps rapidly.
  10. You will see "Checking info," which will take some time. After approximately 10 seconds, you will encounter a message saying, "There was a problem communicating with Google servers. Try again later." You must wait until you see this message.
  11. Press the back arrow button.
  12. You will see the Google Service page again since we bypassed the lock. However, since we have already "unlocked all features," we don't want to proceed further. Press "OK" when you receive the notice that you have no internet, and you will be redirected back to the Wi-Fi page. Now, wait for approximately 10-60 seconds, and you will see a red notification box.
  13. When you see the red warning, press the "i" icon to the left of this page (ensure you are connected to Wi-Fi, or you will receive an error message stating that you must use the old account).
  14. You will now see three options - choose the first one.
  15. Press on "No internet access. Please check the router or consult your network service provider."
  16. Now you will see three options again. Press on "Unable to find a hotspot?" and then press on "Learn more" URL.
  17. You will now see the HiCare Privacy Notice. Press the "Next" button.
  18. Select your country and then hit "Next." Show "Yes" when it asks for switching to your language (this may take up to 20 seconds to load).
  19. You will see a picture. Swipe right twice and press "Start" on the HiCare page.
  20. You will join the service application. Press "Deny" if they are allowed to access your local content.
  21. Now, in the upper right corner, press on the search icon. Type "aaaaaa."
  22. You should see a phone device icon and a mail application icon.
  23. Press on the mail application. Tap and hold on the GMAIL application for 3 seconds (don't just click on it).
  24. A help window will pop up. Press on the upper right corner and select "Notifications" and then "More settings." When you see "General settings" and "Add account," you will see three dots in the upper right corner. Press there and choose "Manage accounts." A popup will appear, and you will see "Accounts & User & Accounts." Choose the left one and press it once.

VOILA! You have successfully accessed the settings! Enjoy! ;)

Proceed to the "System" section in the settings menu and select "Reset." Then, choose "Reset All Settings" followed by "Network Reset Settings." Finally, perform a factory reset to complete the hacking process of your MediaTab.

Command Output Description
fastboot oem device info FB LockState: LOCKED Displays the device's lock state information
fastboot oem check-image secure image verify fail Verifies the integrity of the secure image
fastboot oem lock-state info FB LockState: LOCKED, USER LockState: LOCKED Provides information about the lock state of the device
fastboot oem hwdog certify begin Command not found (bash: astboot: command not found) Initiates the hardware dog certification (not found in this case)
fastboot oem get-bootinfo locked Retrieves the boot information of the device
fastboot oem check-rootinfo Various root-related items with their status Checks the status of root-related items on the device
fastboot oem relock FAILED (remote: stat not match) Attempts to relock the bootloader (failed in this case)
fastboot oem hwdog certify set FAILED (remote: data parse fail) Sets the hardware dog certification (failed in this case)
fastboot oem frp-erase FAILED (remote: Command not allowed!) Performs a Factory Reset Protection (FRP) erase (not allowed)
fastboot oem frp-unlock FAILED (remote: oem_frp_check_password failed! Error = -1) Attempts to unlock the FRP (failed in this case)
fastboot oem emmc_diag FAILED (remote: invalid command) Initiates an eMMC diagnostics (invalid command)
fastboot oem emmc-dump FAILED (remote: invalid command) Dumps eMMC information (invalid command)
fastboot oem get_key_version huawei_key_v1 Retrieves the key version information
fastboot oem battery_present_check 6247mv Checks the battery present status and voltage
fastboot oem get_hwnff_ver Ver2.3 Retrieves the HwNFF (Huawei Non-Fungible File) version
fastboot oem get-psid Serial Number, IMEI, IMEI1, MEID Retrieves various device identifiers
fastboot oem get-product-model AGS2-L09 Retrieves the product model of the device
fastboot oem get-build-number AGS2-L09 Retrieves the build number and version of the device
fastboot oem reboot_boot_dump OKAY Reboots the device and generates a boot dump
fastboot oem get_bootFail_info Unknown status code Retrieves boot failure information (unknown status code)
fastboot oem oeminforead FAILED (command write failed (Success)) Reads OEM information (failed in this case)
fastboot oem getencryptsn FAILED (command write failed (Success)) Retrieves encrypted serial number (failed in this case)
fastboot oem getencryptudid FAILED (command write failed (Success)) Retrieves encrypted UDID (failed in this case)
fastboot erase system FAILED (remote: Command not allowed) Erases the system partition (not allowed)

General Tips & Tricks

When you reboot your device and reach the language selection page, you will find an emergency button where you can enter USSD codes. Here, you can enter "##2846579*#*#" to access the project menu. In the project menu, select "Background Settings" and navigate to "USB Port Settings". Choose "Manufacturers Mode" to enable it. Then, go back and select "AP LOG SETTINGS" and choose "open". These steps will allow you to see the device in ADB (Android Debug Bridge) from your PC. Keep in mind that the device may initially show as "unauthorized" in ADB. To establish the connection, simply enter the command "adb reconnect offline".

Haters are going to hate. Please do not blame me; instead, direct your criticism towards Google and Huawei for having such poor security on their devices.

Enjoy the complete unlocking of your Huawei MediaPad T5 with version 8.0.0.