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Samsung Galaxy S10 | FRP Bypass Guide

Welcome to one of the first (or possibly the first) guides that provides a working method to bypass FRP protection on the latest firmware of Samsung Galaxy S10. This method is proven to work effectively and does not require inserting a SIM card, dealing with PUK codes, or any other unnecessary steps. It offers a simple and straightforward way to bypass FRP on your Samsung Galaxy S10 without spending money on "pro" tools. In fact, it's so straightforward that even your grandmother could succeed.

There are three methods that have been discovered, which allow anyone to bypass FRP easily on the latest firmware (2020-03-14):

  1. NFC method
  2. OTG cable method between an Android device running Android v9.0 and your Samsung S10 running Android v10.0
  3. The easiest method, which will be described in detail below.

Getting Started

Follow these steps to bypass FRP on your Samsung Galaxy S10 easily:

  1. Power off the device and remove the SIM card.
  2. Enter recovery mode by keeping the device off and then pressing the volume up + Bixby + power buttons simultaneously.
  3. Wipe the cache and perform a factory reset. Then choose to reboot your device.
  4. Your phone will start up normally. Change the language to your preferred language.
  5. Take a screenshot at the welcome screen by pressing the power + volume down buttons. You will see a prompt that says "Allow Samsung Capture to access photos, media, and files on your device." Choose 'Deny' at this point.
  6. Take another screenshot at the welcome screen. This time, you will see an additional option that says 'Deny & don't ask again.' Choose this option.
  7. Now, take a third screenshot at the welcome screen, and you will see a completely different option. You will be prompted with an 'Allow Permission' window. Choose 'Site Settings' here.
  8. You will now access the Samsung Capture option. Choose to allow permissions for storage if you want to take screenshots. However, the important step is to go to the Permission option.
  9. In the Permission option, you will see 'Storage, Camera, and Microphone.' Choose the 'Storage' option and then press on 'See all apps with this permission.'
  10. In the upper right corner, press the three dots and choose the "Show System" option.
  11. Among the options, find and select "Google Chrome/Chrome" browser. Change the permission from 'Deny' to 'Allow.' You can also explore all Chrome permissions if you want to start Chrome, for example.
  12. Even more interestingly, you will see a settings icon at the top. Press on 'See all Settings permissions.' In the next window, double-click the settings icon at the top to proceed to the next window. In the bottom left corner, choose 'Open,' and you will be in the settings menu!
  13. Scroll to the bottom and press on 'About Phone.' You will find a "Reset" button. Press on it to reset the settings only while keeping your data (optional).
  14. Now, download Google Account Manager and add a new account. The old account will be overwritten. Use web login in Google Account Manager by clicking on the upper right corner when you start Account Manager. If you want to join System UI, choose System UI in QuickShortcutMaker.
  15. You can download QuickShortcutMaker from here

Enjoy your fully unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 device!


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