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AT Commands | Cheatsheet

Query basic info about device


Remove Lockscreen


Remove FRP


Firmware download mode


Phone model serial number, imei and etc


Serial number


Battery information


Android version


Boot into download mode


Short info



Command Version Description
AT+CAAP 7.25 Automatic answer for eMLPP Service
AT+CACM 8.25 Accumulated call meter
AT+CAEMLPP 7.22 eMLPP Priority Registration and Interrogation
AT+CAHLD 11.1.3 Leave an ongoing Voice Group or Voice Broadcast Call
AT+CAJOIN 11.1.1 Accept an incoming Voice Group or Voice Broadcast Call
AT+CALA 8.16 Alarm
AT+CALCC 11.1.6 List current Voice Group and Voice Broadcast Calls
AT+CALD 8.38 Delete alarm
AT+CALM 8.20 Alert sound mode
AT+CAMM 8.26 Accumulated call meter maximum
AT+CANCHEV 11.1.8 NCH Support Indication
AT+CAOC 7.16 Advice of Charge
AT+CAPD 8.39 Postpone or dismiss an alarm
AT+CAPTT 11.1.4 Talker Access for Voice Group Call
AT+CAREJ 11.1.2 Reject an incoming Voice Group or Voice Broadcast Call
AT+CAULEV 11.1.5 Voice Group Call Uplink Status Presentation
AT+CBC 8.4 Battery charge
AT+CBCAP 8.59 Battery Capacity
AT+CBCHG 8.61 Battery Charger Status
AT+CBCON 8.60 Battery Connection Status
AT+CBCS 11.3.2 VBS subscriptions and GId status
AT+CBKLT 8.51 Backlight
AT+CBST 6.7 Select bearer service type
AT+CCFC 7.11 Call forwarding number and conditions
AT+CCHC 8.46 Close Logical Channel
AT+CCHO 8.45 Open Logical Channel
AT+CCLK 8.15 Clock
AT+CCUG 7.10 Closed user group
AT+CCWA 7.12 Call waiting
AT+CCWE 8.28 Call Meter maximum event
AT+CDIP 7.9 Called line identification presentation
AT+CDIS 8.8 Display control
AT+CEAP 8.47 EAP authentication
AT+CEER 6.10 Extended error report
AT+CEMODE 10.1.28 UE modes of operation for EPS
AT+CEPTT 11.1.10 Short Data Transmission during ongoing VGCS
AT+CEREG 10.1.22 EPS network registration status
AT+CERP 8.48 EAP Retrieve Parameters
AT+CFCS 7.24 Fast call setup conditions
AT+CFUN 8.2 Set phone functionality
AT+CGACT 10.1.10 PDP context activate or deactivate
AT+CGATT 10.1.9 PS attach or detach
AT+CGCLASS 10.1.17 GPRS mobile station class
AT+CGCLOSP 10.1.13 Configure local Octet Stream PAD parameters
AT+CGCMOD 10.1.11 PDP Context Modify
AT+CGCONTRDP 10.1.23 PDP Context Read Dynamic Parameters
AT+CGCS 11.3.1 VGCS subscriptions and GId status
AT+CGDATA 10.1.12 Enter data state
AT+CGDCONT 10.1.1 Define PDP Context
AT+CGDSCONT 10.1.2 Define Secondary PDP Context
AT+CGEQOS 10.1.26 Define EPS Quality Of Service
AT+CGEQOSRDP 10.1.27 EPS Quality Of Service Read Dynamic Parameters
AT+CGEREP 10.1.19 Packet Domain event reporting
AT+CGLA 8.43 Generic UICC Logical Channel access
AT+CGMI 5.1 Request manufacturer identification
AT+CGMM 5.2 Request model identification
AT+CGMR 5.3 Request revision identification
AT+CGREG 10.1.20 GPRS network registration status
AT+CGSMS 10.1.21 Select service for MO SMS messages
AT+CGSN 5.4 Request product serial number identification
AT+CGTFT 10.1.3 Traffic Flow Template
AT+CGTFTRDP 10.1.25 Traffic Flow Template Read Dynamic Parameters
AT+CHLD 7.13 Call related supplementary services
AT+CHSC 6.15 HSCSD current call parameters
AT+CHSD 6.12 HSCSD device parameters
AT+CHSR 6.16 HSCSD parameters report
AT+CHST 6.13 HSCSD transparent call configuration
AT+CHSU 6.17 HSCSD automatic user initiated upgrading
AT+CHUP 6.5 Hangup call
AT+CIMI 5.6 Request international mobile subscriber identity
AT+CIND 8.9 Indicator control
AT+CKPD 8.7 Keypad control
AT+CLAC 8.37 List all available AT commands
AT+CLAE 8.31 Language Event
AT+CLAN 8.30 Set Language
AT+CLCC 7.18 List current calls
AT+CLCK 7.4 Facility lock
AT+CLIP 7.6 Calling line identification presentation
AT+CLIR 7.7 Calling line identification restriction
AT+CLVL 8.23 Loudspeaker volume level
AT+CMAR 8.36 Master Reset
AT+CMEC 8.6 Mobile Termination control mode
AT+CMEE 9.1 Report mobile termination error
AT+CMER 8.10 Mobile Termination event reporting
AT+CMOD 6.4 Call mode
AT+CMOLR 8.50 Mobile Originated Location Request
AT+CMOLRE 9.1 Report mobile originated location request error
AT+CMOLRE 9.3 Mobile termination error result code
AT+CMTLR 8.57 Mobile Terminated Location Request notification
AT+CMUT 8.24 Mute control
AT+CMUX 5.7 Multiplexing mode
AT+CNAP 7.30 Calling name identification presentation
AT+CNUM 7.1 Subscriber number
AT+COLP 7.8 Connected line identification presentation
AT+COLR 7.31 Connected line identification restriction status
AT+COPN 7.21 Read operator names
AT+COPS 7.3 PLMN selection
AT+COTDI 11.1.9 Originator to Dispatcher Information
AT+CPAS 8.1 Phone activity status
AT+CPBF 8.13 Find phonebook entries
AT+CPBR 8.12 Read phonebook entries
AT+CPBS 8.11 Select phonebook memory storage
AT+CPBW 8.14 Write phonebook entry
AT+CPIN 8.3 Enter PIN
AT+CPLS 7.20 Selection of preferred PLMN list
AT+CPNET 7.27 Preferred network indication
AT+CPNSTAT 7.28 Preferred network status
AT+CPOL 7.19 Preferred PLMN list
AT+CPOS 8.55 Positioning Control
AT+CPOSR 8.56 Positioning Reporting
AT+CPPS 7.23 eMLPP subscriptions
AT+CPROT 8.42 Enter protocol mode
AT+CPSB 7.29 Current Packet Switched Bearer
AT+CPUC 8.27 Price per unit and currency table
AT+CPWC 8.29 Power class
AT+CPWD 7.5 Change password
AT+CR 6.9 Service reporting control
AT+CRC 6.11 Cellular result codes
AT+CREG 7.2 Network registration
AT+CRLA 8.44 Restricted UICC Logical Channel access
AT+CRLP 6.8 Radio link protocol
AT+CRMC 8.34 Ring Melody Control
AT+CRMP 8.35 Ring Melody Playback
AT+CRSL 8.21 Ringer sound level
AT+CRSM 8.18 Restricted SIM access
AT+CSCC 8.19 Secure control command
AT+CSCS 5.5 Select TE character set
AT+CSDF 6.22 Settings date format
AT+CSGT 8.32 Set Greeting Text
AT+CSIL 6.23 Silence Command
AT+CSIM 8.17 Generic SIM access
AT+CSNS 6.19 Single numbering scheme
AT+CSQ 8.5 Signal quality
AT+CSSAC 7.32 Service Specific Access Control restriction status
AT+CSSN 7.17 Supplementary service notifications
AT+CSTA 6.1 Select type of address
AT+CSTF 6.24 Settings time format
AT+CSVM 8.33 Set Voice Mail Number
AT+CTFR 7.14 Call deflection
AT+CTZR 8.41 Time Zone Reporting
AT+CTZU 8.40 Automatic Time Zone Update
AT+CUAD 8.49 UICC Application Discovery
AT+CUSD 7.15 Unstructured supplementary service data
AT+CVHU 6.20 Voice Hangup Control
AT+CVIB 8.22 Vibrator mode
AT+CVMOD 6.4 Voice Call Mode
AT+FCLASS C.2.1 Select mode
AT+VBT C.2.2 Buffer threshold setting
AT+VCID C.2.3 Calling number ID presentation
AT+VGR C.2.4 Receive gain selection
AT+VGT C.2.5 Transmit gain selection
AT+VIP C.2.6 Initialise voice parameters
AT+VIT C.2.7 Inactivity timer
AT+VLS C.2.8 Line selection
AT+VRX C.2.9 Receive data state
AT+VSM C.2.10 Select compression method
AT+VTD C.2.12 Tone duration
AT+VTS C.2.11 DTMF and tone generation
AT+VTX C.2.13 Transmit data state